The review compares and contrasts the experiences of young people in a variety of settings in developing countries versus developed countries, and identifies key associated factors perpetuating those relationships.The implications of this endeavour for data needs and future research and intervention studies targeted at promoting young people's health and well being are discussed within the contexts of globalisation and localisation and recommendations for dealing with these experiences.The study compares and contrasts the experiences of young people in a variety of settings in developing and developed countries within the broader context of non-consensual sexual experiences of young people around the world and makes some recommendations for dealing with these experiences.

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It synthesises available research that explores young people's relationships with sugar daddies and sugar mummies, with cautionary notes regarding definitional, conceptual and measurement issues inherent in current research in this area and the need for more rigorous and methodologically sound investigation on the nature, scope, magnitude, features and risk/protective factors of the sugar daddy/mummy practice.

It documents associated factors and consequences of these relationships for young people, particularly the extent to which force, coercion and power differentials shape the relationships.

The individual, familial, household, neighbourhood, community, regional, national and international contexts and factors quite often influence those outcomes.

Indeed, a growing body of evidence points to the complexity of sexual behaviour among young people in both developed and developing countries.

(Rev Afr Santé Reprod 2004; 8[2]:13-37) Introduction There is a great deal of research on cross-generational, intra-generational and inter-generational sexual relationships both in developed and developing countries.

These relationships can be considered broadly as relationships within and across generational configurations (adolescence, youthhood, adulthood, midlife and elderly).The legal provisions surrounding sexual relationships in various countries have led to their labelling in various ways including the `sugar daddy' or `sugar mummy' practice, boyfriend and girlfriend relationships, dating, or criminal juvenile prostitution.While cross-generational sexual relationships have been in existence in the history of mankind, their extent with respect to sexual behaviours associated with the `sugar daddy' or `sugar mummy' practice deserves a review and update.Elle identifie en même temps les facteurs associés clé qui perpectuent ces rapports-là.L'étude discute les implications de cet effort pour les banques de données et pour les études de recherches et d'intervention futures qui visent la promotion de la santé et du bien-être des jeunes gens dans le contexte de la mondialisation et de la localisation et des recommendations qui permettront de s'occuper de ces expériences.Pour en savoir plus, notamment sur les moyens de contrôle disponibles, consultez la Politique d’utilisation des cookies.