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It's a lot less sleazy than some of the films Navarro made with Joe D' Amato that have been released of late.

And even the "lolita" theme hasn't hurt films like "Sister Emanuelle", "Nea , a Young Emmanuelle", and two different films called "Emanuelle's Daughter" when it comes to international DVD releases.

The public backlash forced the Trade Development Council (TDC) to send a copy of the book to the government’s Obscene Articles Tribunal (OAT), which will decide whether it should be classified as an obscene or indecent publication.

In the photo book, one image shows primary school pupil Celine Yeung, clad in a top and white underpants, sitting on the floor with her legs open.

See full summary » The young, naive Annie enters a hotel to spend the night - without knowing that it's this special kind of hotel, that serves more than breakfast. See full summary » Emanuelle (Lindt) is out to avenge her sister (Gori), who committed suicide after escaping from her sadistic lover Carlo (Eastman).

So she chains him up in her basement, drugs him, and ...

When their helicopter is forced to land for a while in a rural part of Thailand (or Malaysia?