For those a girl can always fake or act in other ways that compensates her FGM short coming. Money and power give more pleasure to human beings than sex, or so I think.

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” He will gladly answer “Actually I didn’t visit the site, some pervert tagged me on Facebook.” Nowadays that is enough explanation. Not that I have seen them naked but they talk about it without regrets , and keep repeating as if in pride, as if it makes them tougher women . Every street girl anywhere in the world has an in built system to handle that. Since my college days and up to now I hear men in Nairobi bad mouth white women . “I did it with a white woman and let me tell you…..” .

As to how they cope, well the main purpose of this business is to sexually please a man and not oneself, and earn money while at it. Haven't you seen it in movies and James Hadley Chase novels? Saying all manner of things about their bodies, sex prowess or lack of it and so forth. Interestingly for reasons unbeknown to me the number of white prostitutes in Nairobi is increasing. For the same reasons above I am sure to make it in Europe.

The sex industry in Kenya is playing a greater role in the economy as a lack of jobs pushes youths into the vice. w=300" data-large-file=" w=150 150w" sizes="(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px" / A cursory survey by the Nairobi Chronicle reveals that a significant number of young women in Kenya earn their living by engaging in relationships with executives, diplomats, senior security officers as well as tourists.

Interestingly enough, the trade is not growing in the familiar sense of twilight girls but assuming legitimacy through massage parlours, e-commerce websites, tourism, strip clubs and international dating. " data-medium-file=" The relationships usually involve the lavishing of gifts, housing, cars and cash in exchange for sex.

So my amorous cousin or neighbor could see me on a site and start talking behind my back.

And if asked “What were you doing visiting an escort site? A man will pick a white girl not for any other reason but discover how it is with such. And of course sleeping with a white girl will make men acquire bragging rights.

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The massage parlours are located in respectable, upper-class residential areas such as Hurlingham, Westlands, Parklands, Spring Valley, Upper Hill, South C and even around State House.

It is not possible that these establishments exist without the knowledge of authorities.

One notorious website invites job applications complete with a passport photo with promises of, “immediate employment.” It used to be that the epicentre of Kenya’s sex trade was on Nairobi’s Koinange Street.