If you want to see real improvement in load speeds you need to look for a 7200rpm drive. However, it's an extremely expensive upgrade: you'll pay around £175 (about US9, AU5) just to match the 500GB standard storage. The bad news is that you can't backup game installs.

If you've upgraded your original PS4's hard drive but now you want to move it over to your brand new PS4 Pro, you can absolutely do this.

Just be aware that the system will format the drive so make sure you back all your saved data up to either the PS Plus Cloud or an external hard drive before you do anything else to keep it safe.

This is also the budget buyer's choice, as you'll find suitable 1TB hard drives for around £45-50 (about US$69-77, AU$88-98) while 2TB ones, funnily enough, cost almost double the price.

You'll also see an 'rpm' figure when shopping for hard drives.

Before taking your PS4 apart, check out our selection of the best hard drives for your PS4.

No matter what your needs, we have a hard drive that will give your PS4 a boost, and they're all compatible with Sony's console.

This stands for revolutions per minute and is a rough guideline of a drive's speed.

Most models out there are 5400rpm, just like the standard PS4 hard drive. For even better performance, you can install an SSD. The next step is to backup anything you definitely don't want to lose on your PS4.

PS Plus subscribers don't need to worry too much about game saves either, as they will automatically be saved to the cloud.