Realizing that practical steps matter, most often they want tips or steps they can take to build their relationship in Christ. (Protip: this last one is definitely not a winning approach.) At that point, one of the first things I usually tell them is that there's really no “biblical theology” of dating tucked away the book of 4:5-20. This can actually become a problem, especially because you're not actually married.There are some rather obvious tips like praying for each other in your daily devotions, encouraging each other to read the Scriptures, setting appropriate boundaries (emotional, spiritual, and so on), and pursuing sexual holiness. These devotions together can develop into a couple-centered spirituality that begins to replace the church-centered relationship with God that the New Testament actually prescribes.

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Masturbation is an option, but I'm not comfortable touching myself. To temper my libido, I ended up ditching my Twilight books and turning to Krispy Kreme doughnuts. That date reminded me that good guys are out there and worth waiting for.

My body was overproducing insulin (another aspect of polycystic ovarian disease), which made me feel perpetually famished. After all, I was brave enough to end an engagement to pursue the career I love.

Ultimately, remember, you're not the point of the relationship—Jesus is.

Point each other to Christ and let Christ knit you together as he sees fit.

As he leaned in, eyes closed, lips parted, I moved closer, but just as I felt the warmth of his face, he jerked away."What if people see us? His unease had nothing to do with him — and everything to do with me.

By night, I look like an average 27-year-old woman with my fitted jeans, hobo handbag, and sweeping blonde hair; but by day, I am a full-time pastor of a 3,000-member congregation.

Guys are surprised to encounter a female pastor — but they don't know that over the past century, women have been ordained across many religions. Some men do like the collar — but I wouldn't date them.

And according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, from 1994 to 2009, the number of women clergy in the U. These ultraconservative guys are quick to condemn the female ministry but always ask if I'm willing to marry and stay at home with the kids.

See if this sounds familiar: You meet a guy, and there’s instant chemistry.