Her You Tube videos have a professional look to them. Megan Nicole is so pretty, has such an amazing voice, and is so sweet!My favorite The Sam Tsui (Sam Tsui) Sam Tsui is really one of the best cover artists on You Tube. And he is a huge inspiration because of how he became famous while still going to school and getting an education at Yale! She makes us all connect to her music in a way that no other singer can do. Her violin skills are awesome She plays the violin AND dances!

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Her covers and original songs are over the top awesome. She's so nice and she's so unique and quirky, it's so awesome! Definitely should be higher up on this list, top 5 at least!

Everything is perfect for me..u sing a song...looking.. attitude..rounders..you so much.😘 cimorellitheband (Cimorelli) Cimorelli are some of the most talented girls I know! Her voice goes well with any other singers and the fact that she writes her own songs is just simply mind-blowing :) I love Tiffany so much she's my idol She's amazing, she and megan nicole are probably the best. If you like a cappella music, you can't be without a Peter Hollens subscription.

zeldaxlove64 (Christina Grimmie) I have been subscribed to Christina for over a year now, and with every song she has never failed to disappoint. She works hard and every new video I find, I share with my friends. She makes her songs sound better than it was originally sang! Covers of against the current have their own different style and flavour in every cover and not just plain 'copying'. Instead he can do it with boyce avenue and tiffany alvord He uses variety of instruments and what's MORE?! His music is too rich that you can (even if it sound impossible) hear a lot of sound that really produces MUSIC! There is so many covers, and his voice is so beautiful. - Bob G He's so natural and makes every single sound in all of his videos, not just the singing!

Her vocals are always amazing and she is a natural born performer. No recording and editing or anything, it's all live and in her house. I hope she ends up being recognized for the amazing things she can do. I discovered her after her death and just hope that the cute,beautiful and amazing singer is happy wherever she is:) RIP Christina Kurt Hugo Schneider Kurt Hugo Schneider (Born September 7th 1988) is an American musician and producer, best known for his works on You Tube and collaborations on music with other You Tubers, most notably Sam Tsui. Their singles are awesome as well Woah, why does Chrissy is the top 7 and Tiffany is the 6th? Her voice is better than Tiffany and Chrissy can make covers of different genres like pop, rock, acoustic, etc. Peter Hollens is by far my favorite singer on You Tube.

Alejandro sweetest angel voice I've ever seen, Fabian and Daniel.. I love very much these guys des the first time I saw them singing with Fifth Harmony was passion at first sight, I spent a month researching videos of the band, things about them, anyway.

I think she has influenced many people and hope to see her get a record deal soon.

Tiffany performed in Times Square, NYC, New Years Eve 2012 on the Nivea Kiss Stage.

She has been on 3 USA tours including performances in Canada, and has performed in China, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, and Malaysia.

people who don't vote on her, have definitely not listened to her I wish there was a Love button on You Tube so that I could properly express how much I love this girl and her voice. Shawn Mendes Shawn Peter Raul Mendes is a Canadian singer-songwriter and model.