You’ll never know if you’re the first, the last or even the only one your boss is having a flirty thing with.Your boss may know just how much attention they’re getting, and they may use it to their advantage.And both of you have similar fields of work which makes communication and compatibility so much easier to handle because both your interests and passions in life align along the same direction.

If you ever feel disrespected in the relationship outside of work, talk about it with them.

[Read: 16 reasons why you’re always the one who’s taken for granted] #4 Public display of affection. And more importantly, it’ll give more of a reason for your peers to hate you. Dating a boss always puts you in a tricky position, a vulnerable spot where you need to depend on your boss’s stand and their emotions if things ever do get bad between the both of you.

But as awesome as the pros of dating a boss can seem, it also does come with a big share of cons too.

If you aren’t dating your boss yet and just find yourself falling for them, think twice about it because you could be getting yourself into something that could be very complicated unless you set clear boundaries.

It’s almost always not even your own fault, you just want to prove that you’re a good employee by winning their praise.

But in your pursuit of trying to impress them, you may lose yourself and end up flirting with them and falling for them. Office romances are frowned upon in most places, but workplaces still stir up a lot of romances and emotional affairs all the time.

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] Dating a coworker who’s in the same level may be easier to handle, but dating someone like your boss, well, that’s just not the safest best in the world.

Even if it doesn’t affect your boss’s or your productivity right now, it will very soon. – How to make the right choice] #2 Stand up for yourself. And you may even feel like the lucky one for being picked out of the entire group.

But don’t let your admiration and reverence stop you from taking a stand in your personal life.

Just because you’re dating your boss doesn’t mean you have to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ as per their wishes even in your personal life.