The old track between Audierne and Pont-Croix has been converted into a footpath along the River Goyen.The town centre is located at the top of a peninsula, with the Port of Rosmeur on the eastern side and Port Rhu to the west.

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But it still has fish canning facilities (sardines and mackerel) although sardine fishing, for which the town became famous, has fallen off in recent years.

Douarnenez has a growing tourist industry, with numerous visitors attracted annually to its pleasant location and warm climate, and also because of its marinas, maritime museum, regattas and sandy beaches.

), is a commune in the Finistère department of Brittany in north-western France.

It is located at the mouth of the Pouldavid River, an estuary on the southern shore of Douarnenez Bay in the Atlantic Ocean, 25 kilometres (16 mi) north-west of Quimper. It has declined since the mid-20th century because of jobs lost from declines in the fishing industry.

Today, the canning trade continues, although most of the fish are brought in from other ports.

Douarnenez is still a centre of boat building and repair work.The fishing history of Douarnenez goes back at least to Gallo-Roman times when, as archeological finds demonstrate, fish were salted along the cliffs of Plomarc'h.In the late 18th century and the years before the French Revolution, sardines became the driving force for the local economy; the fishing industry was based on their harvest and, later, processing.Inaugurated in 1894, it was shut down in 1936 during the Great Depression.It was reopened during the Second World War and was finally closed after the war in 1946.It did not become a commune in its own right until 1790.