They kidnapped her and brought her to a remote area outside the town of Galdogob.

For hours on end, she was inflicted with the most brutal gang rape, too vicious for us to narrate the details.

We've been trying extremely hard to get the latest information on the current plight of this innocent soul, so we visited her at the hospital to see her and her mother.

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Waa gabar oo la mid ah, hablaha inala dhashay, sida waalasha, xaaskaaga ama inabatida.

Dhacdadani waxay dhacday biishii lasoo dhaafay ee diisambar wakhti galab ah, gabarta yar oo ardiyad ah way afduubeen kadib waxay la tageen meel ka baxsan duuleedka magaaladda Goldogob saacado kadib waxaa la kulantay mid kamida ficilada ugu xun ee gabar loo gaysan karo taas oo ah in ay kufsadeen koox wiilal ah.

The family fled from the town that they called their home for many years.

The father (who has fallen ill upon hearing the news) and her brothers are filled with anger but feel helpless, put yourself in their shoes.

Trump has also spoken negatively about Somalis in Minnesota.

Aden, who was born in a refugee camp in Kenya and came to Minnesota as a child, said she wasn’t thinking about Trump when she entered the pageant.

Waxaa noo suurta gashay in aanu ku booqano cisbitaalka iyada iyo hooyadeed ku jiraan.

Somali Faces ma aha hay’ad hadana waxaanu mashquul ku nahay caawinta ayeeyo Soomaaliyeed sidaas darteed way nagu adkaatay in aan iska dhaafno caawinta gabadha yar.

A helpless 16-year-old student stripped naked and hurled with insults after the ‘deed’ was done.

We have received numerous messages from around the world asking whether Somali Faces can help the victim and her family.

Somali Faces will make sure that the money goes towards to the family.