Between 20, the rate of population growth for this age group was 25.7%, the second highest of all age groups among the Canadian population, after the 60 to 64 age group ( 29.1%).

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By 2031, it could reach more than 17,000 and by 2061, close to 80,000.

By that time, most cohorts of baby boomers will have reached 100.

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As a result of gains in life expectancy, an increasing number of Canadians are reaching the age of 100.

The 2011 Census enumerated 5,825 people aged 100 years and older, compared to 4,635 in 2006 and 3,795 in 2001 (Figure 1).

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The corresponding sex ratio was about 500 women for every 100 men, the highest of all age groups.