Iowa served as Johnson's flagship during the exercise.Throughout the night of 18 April, Turret Two's crew conducted a major overhaul of their turret in preparation for a firing exercise scheduled to take place the next day.Finally, the rammerman, at left, operates a lever which uses hydraulics to ram the powder bags into the gun's breech.

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Chiefs with seventeen years of service are quitting.

I've got to teach these kids to push the right button, or they'll blow us to kingdom come! " He added that if he died at sea, he wanted to be buried at sea.

Before leaving Norfolk in early April 1989, Third Class Gunner's Mate Scot Blakey, a member of Turret Two's crew, told his sister, Julie Blakey, "I'm not thrilled with some of the things we're doing on the Iowa. Something could go wrong." When Julie asked, "Why are you doing them?

" Scot replied, "We don't have a choice." On 10 April the battleship was visited by commander of the US 2nd Fleet, (then) Vice Admiral Jerome L.

Meyer complained to Commander Robert John Kissinger, Iowas Turret One fired six of the experimental shells using the supercharged powder bags.

Skelley claimed that one of the 16 inch shells traveled 23.4 nautical miles (40 km), setting a record for the longest conventional 16 inch (406.4mm) shell ever fired.

Mc Eachren concealed his approval of the gunnery experiments from his superiors.