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I know that there are any number of great venues in Joburg where I can go to watch live music, but unfortunately these are usually all about something else.

Sometimes it's the party; sometimes it's the people, sometimes its thrill of being in a noisy crowd.

One of two petrol stations in Rockey Road, both closed down due to being continously robbed out of business.

It's a pity the Internet hasn't got 'scratch and sniff' type technology, I'd really give you something to clean you lot out away from your PCs.(Edit: A reader has confirmed that the last owner of this petrol station was shot dead with an AK-47 during a robbery.

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Above: Inhabited house, lower Rockey Street, towards Observatory.

I recall that the chief photographer for Associated Press in 1990 (I won't say his name here) telling me how happy he was to be buying a house here, and he looked at me all funny when I told him I didn't think it was a good idea.

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