First, pointed out by Digby at that den of liberal iniquity Hullabaloo and hashed about by the Grounded Parents crew on our super-secret-backchannel private Facebook Group, comes today’s featured image… So I think we can all agree that we have a serious contender here for “Father of the Year”.

rules for dating my son meme-62

And the worst part is that he probably does think of himself as Father of the Year material. Certainly part of that responsibility comes in the guise of protector.

Big parts of the USA are still filled to the brim with folks who think like this about their daughters. And I understand the impulse to protect your kids from harm, both physical and emotional.

Your traitorous liberal nephew, your feminist ex-roomate or your free spirited gay cousin might find it, carefully analyze it, then smash into a smoking pile of wreckage in Internet Meme Demolition Derby!!!

Our inaugural entrants come in the form of a list and an application.

As Anita Sarkeesian says at the beginning of each chapter in her excellent video series “Tropes Versus Women in Video Games” (start here).

It’s OK for us to chuckle along when presented with a list like this while at the same time being aware that there are certainly a lot of people in our culture who believe these things earnestly.Certainly our sons don’t have to deal with this kind of paranoia in their dating endeavors.If you think that’s the case then prepare to be massively disappointed as next time we run an “Application to Date My Son” through the Internet Meme Demolition Derby!So yeah, dads definitely come off looking bad in this one.Certainly the moms know better than to indulge in such nonsense.But listservs were clumsy devices, with slow response times and undependable circulation.