We are newly-weds and empty-nesters, toddlers and elders, doubters and the devout.

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The leaves are engraved locally and will be ready in only a few days.

To purchase a Tree of LIfe leaf, please fill out our Tree of LIfe Form, enclose a check for $125, and mail it to the Temple Office.

For a detailed catalog of learning opportunities, click here.

Temple Or Rishon and Temple Bat Yam are sponsoring a community Shabbaton in the Mountains!

When I grow up I am interested in photography or film making at UCLA.

I can’t wait to reach my goal of becoming a Bat Mitzvah this February and I’m beyond ex-cited to share this achievement with my family and friends.

Nora and Jim Newman, two members of the event steering committee and chief cooks of the authentic cuisine, garbed up for the event in front of a display put together by Rachel Wallace, a member of the coordinating team.

A US judge has sentenced a man convicted of sexually assaulting a child to probation instead of jail, fearing he is too short to survive in prison.

How great will it be to spend a Shabbat together, with friends, camping in the beauty of the Tahoe High Sierra Forest?