Or is it just that he is more open about who he is?

Questions of identity — and how we define ourselves — are prevalent questions in as part of a writers’ group. Written in 1926, the story involves a strong-willed young woman named Yvette who lives with her repressive grandmother.

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Yet John can’t seem to get his nose out of the baby books.

Both want a connection — but John wants to connect as expectant parents. She finally says: “Couldn’t get enough of me before could you?

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In the first moments of the play we learn that Becky is eager to purchase a bike.

Her husband John is concerned that it will be too dangerous. It’ll be good for me.” She makes arrangement to purchase a bike from a local resident named Oliver.

When you wanted to conceive your child.” Lack of attention in the bedroom pushes Becky to search out other avenues for her needs.

What she finds in fantasy is both lascivious and appalling. But the underlying questions are fierce political ones.

Are women still being objectified, even by their kindhearted and generous husbands?