A number of cable-TV dramatic series have continued to spark debate about nudity and sex on cable TV, and especially what some critics have termed "sexposition" - or unnecessary gratuitous nudity of its female performers. John Putch Many of the stars from the first two or three films reprised their roles in this sweetly-raunchy, tedious comedy, to continue the tale of the teens 13 years later - now struggling with sex at middle-age.This sampling below is only a continuation of what came in the year before. Its tagline was: The setting for the sappy ensemble film was the 10th year reunion (actually 13th) of classmates at East Great Falls (Michigan) during a momentous weekend.

After Cassie injected Brittany in the gluteus maximus with a serum-syringe, her rival didn't return to normal size but was slightly miniaturized.

Cassie also accepted the reverse transformation for herself ("I think I like the old me better") as the film ended.

French writer Guy de Maupassant's 1885 second novel, Bel Ami, or, The History of a Scoundrel: A Novel, was the basis for this erotically-steamy film by theatre director Declan Donnellan and Nick Ormerod.

In this cynical costume drama, heartthrob Robert Pattinson starred as the main character, amoral Frenchman Georges Duroy.

There were many passionate sex scenes, several of which involved nudity (breasts and buttocks were visible).

Soon, Duroy was able to find himself a position of influence as the paper's gossip editor and as Madeleine's husband.An aspiring college cheerleader Cassie Stratford (Jena Sims, Miss Georgia Teen USA in 2007) felt that she was nerdy, mousy, and ugly (with facial acne) ("Being me sucks").Urged by her vain and pushy mother Brenda (Sean Young), Cassie hoped to become a member of the school's most popular Greek sorority Zeta Zeta Mu, led by the film's antagonist - the evil and bitchy Brittany Andrews (Olivia Alexander).She started out as a cocktail waitress in a strip club, where she was soon introduced to wealthy, drug-addicted, art-appreciating lawyer Francis (James Franco), and Margaret (Heather Graham), an ex-porn star (and lesbian) who was directing adult fetish films for the website Bod. Famed independent film producer Roger Corman, the master of schlocky B-movies ("The King of the B's"), Edgar Allan Poe adaptations, and various creature features, brought this 3-D film (his first ever) to the screen (TV) for the EPIX cable network.[Note: Much of the film was actually shot inside the San Francisco Armory, which housed the porn website ]During a photoshoot directed by svengali director Margaret, Angelina - now screen-named Cherry - posed for the cameras as an innocent schoolgirl, first touching herself, then stripping to black underwear, and then going topless. The movie was another example of his branding style - an entertaining, fun-filled, profitable venture, and a throwback to the T&A films of the 70s and 80s.In the film's climax, the two topless 50 foot cheerleaders battled it out with 'bitch-slaps' on the football field on Homecoming day ("The Knock-Down Drag-out of the Century") - better than the regular half-time show entertainment.