It’s a novel profession, even in New York City, and one that arouses a lot of curiosity.I think people are hoping for a “meet cute” story, something Woody Allen or Nora Ephron would have cooked up, with a dash of the Food Network thrown in.Yes, I’ve heard everyone’s success stories of meeting their Prince Charmings, but over the seven years I spent dipping in and out of the pools of Match, OKCupid, and Nerve, all I found were frogs (not to mention a few hairy toads). There’s intense pressure to come up with something individual that will also maintain a little privacy.

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The slightly shameful stigma attached to meeting a man on the Internet may be gone, but does online dating work?

My first thought when I heard that Martha Stewart was joining was godspeed.

Online dating, in my experience, is a lot of work for little reward.

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Little did I know that hitting send would change my life.

After a few dates, Rob and I mutually agreed to shut down our profiles.

But when I tell them the truth—and I always tell the truth about it—this mix of surprise and disappointment crosses their faces, right before they blurt out: “Really? There’s no sense of shame or failure on our part, no completely fabricated story about how we got together.

To those who think meeting your mate via your Mac Book is embarrassing, unromantic, or the last resort: Welcome to the new normal. S., 40 million people have tried online dating, even Martha Stewart.

For me, relationships always began with mutual attraction.