I'm just very empathic so it can give me a real rush, especially when it's someone I really love.Kind of hard to explain, but I can get really high from it, and I think this is better than some sexual qualities men seem to desire from women, like being like a man sexually.But I mean, if you have access to that kind of powerful sexual feelings, show it, because it can really blow a guy's mind as it's not something they get to experience that often.

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Peeing in your ex’s bed is certainly not one of them.

Gareth Quinn, 32, became resentful after a woman he’d met online called things off — and oh man, he did a lot more than urinate on her comforter.

I don't think that many women really understand the power of making a man feel really sexually accepted and appreciated and that you just love giving him pleasure.

And by "power" I don't mean in a manipulative way, but just the power to make him feel happy, and then share in those feelings.

After that, Quinn admitted to burglary and witness intimidation, and was sentenced to three years and 16 weeks in prison.

I just started thinking about how when I was with my last boyfriend I got to really enjoy him pissing in my mouth.But not like in a random, slutty kind of way, he has to be the only one I want so only he can fulfill that desire.I also think this is one reason why guys prefer not to have sexual relationships with "sluts", because they want to feel special.I'll have fantasies about things like I'll let him do it in public places or not going to the toilet and always using my mouth when we're together. I don't think it's degrading if you ask for it and it's something you offer and actually want.And, yes, I asked for it and it was my idea with my last BF.So I guess empathy is another aspect to it, which I just see as something positive, even if that can also be taken too far.