CEOP also offers dedicated support on its uk website, and we are also working with schools to offer assemblies and lessons on how to stay safe online.

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Children are often blackmailed into doing this as the offender threatens to share naked pictures of them with family and friends unless they do as they are told.

Offenders are assuming a fake identity and often pretending to be a child and initially target children on open chat sites before moving them into private areas where conversations become more sexualized.

Children blackmailed into performing like sex slaves are self-harming or committing suicide, research has found.

The Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre has found that sexual abusers are forcing children as young as eight to perform slave like sex acts live on webcam.

There are two main types of sexual coercion and extortion: content driven, for sexual purposes, and financially driven, with an economic motivation.

This activity is usually characterised by grooming the child or impersonating another in order to gain their trust.Once the child has sent an image, the offender can blackmail them for more.Andy Baker, Deputy Chief Executive at the CEOP centre, said: “These offenders are cowards.If you are a young person and either you or a friend has been sexually abused, you can contact Child Line on 0800 1111 or report it using the Click CEOP button at – where trained and experienced child protection workers will read and assess your information and you can also arrange to talk to one of these workers.The CEOP Centre will become the National Crime Agency from next month.There can additionally be requests to involve a third person, such as a sibling or a friend, and to have offline meetings for sex.