The addict is online so much you think that there must be a fault in his profile settings. The desperado Recently hit the big 4-0 and realised he was the only one of his friends not to be married. The good news is, when it comes to commitment he’s ready to go, the bad news – he doesn’t care who it’s with. The professional The professional uses studio photos with a misty filter, his profile reads like a CV and his emails have as much personality as an application for an accounts position in an IT company in Luton.

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Every so often I get that itch to dive back into the online dating world.

It typically ends in tragedy and a few humorous stories.

You want to bypass it completely but the bio says he can't post his photo due to his job but inbox him and he'll send you one! Even if you're trying to be cute by letting the girl see your personality via your profile before judging you on your pictures, don't. However, the sheer volume of World Traveler Guys is a bit overwhelming.

I don't know what I'm getting if I ask you for photos. Especially for Non World Traveler Girls like me who have only visited two other countries (including Canada).

This is a great question, and the answer is always evolving as your dreams change and shift based on life circumstances, desires, etc.

Ideally, I think a job you love is one where you don't watch the hours go by.

Having dabbled in the virtual sea of men for the past seven years, I've noticed certain trends involving the selection pool.

Here is my take on 10 types of guy photos you encounter on those lovely online dating sites.

It is great you love your dog so much but try to spice up your life with a variety of photos.

Your dog can't be the only interesting thing about you. The Guy Who Poses Shirtless in Bed Unless you are an H&M model like David Beckham, I don't want to see you suggestively posing shirtless or hell, naked, in your bed. The Guy Posing Shirtless Taking a Bathroom Selfie It's a body shot, I get that.

However I get a little suspicious when you've uploaded 12 photos and they are all of you and Rover. It's you and Rover in bed, you and Rover at the park, you and Rover on the couch, you and Rover sharing ice cream.