The blind date Who knows you better than your family or friends? So instead of rejecting their pleas to help you land a girlfriend/boyfriend, why not agree to be “fixed up” on a blind date?

A blind date is essentially when a friend, family member, or someone close to you sets you up with a friend of theirs.

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Singlein is another site that devotes itself to connecting daters in the Toronto area.

Networking events for singles Have you heard of the Connecting Singles program at the Royal Ontario Museum?

You usually don’t know who the other person is or what they look like – that’s why they call it a blind date.

The advantage of going on a blind date is that your friend or family member has your best interest at heart and they want to find someone that would match your personality. Online dating A growing number of people are taking their quest for love to the computer.

While some of us are resolving to exercise regularly or count calories, many are looking to start dating and find love in 2015 -- and putting their goals into action. 4 was the busiest time of the year for online dating sites such as and Plenty Of Fish.

The same was true in 2014: the first Sunday of the year appears to be when most hopefuls logged onto matchmaking sites.

Once you get to know the rules of dating in Canada, you’ll find that special person to snuggle up with on those cold winter nights!

I know that dating is difficult for most, and trying to find a soul mate may seem like an impossible feat.

But fear not, there are plenty of options for newcomers!