I love the Weather Docklet, but it is showing the wrong weather for my location.

objectdock weather not updating-70objectdock weather not updating-39

It says the temp is 96 when it is actually about 47, same with the weather location if 76273 or Whitesboro, Texas - Grayson County Please help.whenever i try to add this docklet to rocketdock i get a runtime error window : Rocketdock.exeabnormal program terminationit closes rocketdock as well if i let it.

but if i drop the docklet from the dock, than the runtime error windows creates an xml file in the temporary internet files folder.

Designed Use: The weather icons are designed to provide the various weather conditions reported by weather services.

It was created for use with Stardock Desktop X ( and Stardock Object Dock ( both of which allow users to monitor the weather conditions from their desktop.

Many docks and desktop customization software that ship with computers are usually nothing more than shortcut launchers, but Object Dock is different.

It actually serves as a fully functional replacement for your Windows taskbar.The weather widget is particularly useful, with auto-updating weather for your location.If you hover over it, the widget will expand with a beautiful animation to reveal a five day forecast.This, all with the unique style and top-rate performance that Object Dock is known to deliver!For questions or problems concerning the data, please email Dr. The measurements do not constitute the official weather reports provided to the National Weather Service. This is a mod of the sample docklet that comes with OD 0.99.