He started reading about it, learning that abuse in his age bracket was more prevalent than he thought.

He began to see the warning signs — isolation, depression — in the faces of classmates at Hackensack High School.

So at 14, he started writing, outlining the story, creating characters. Sabrina De Graffe is a beautiful girl from the other side of the tracks who accuses him of assaulting her.

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Mom just about emptied her 401(k), tapping into the retirement fund for $125,000 so Jordan could finish "Payin’ The Price." His grandparents pitched in $30,000.

His little brother, Justin, an old soul at 10 years old, came up with the movie title and tagline — "A Love So Good It Hurts." "Anything I can do to help my children, I will do," Jordan’s mother said.

"One in three teens have been a victim of teen dating violence," said Jordan, an honor roll student and athlete.

"Instead of one in three, it should be none in three." Jordan said he was inspired to make the film following the volatile celebrity relationship of Chris Brown and Rihanna in 2009.

Although Jordan didn’t win, the exposure led to his picture and story being seen on the back of 40 million bags of Doritos.

Jordan said he believes film-making is his career path, a future his family has sacrificed to encourage and support.

The film about violence in teen dating is now on a 20-city tour around the country.

It won HBO’s Best Feature film category at the 2011 Martha’s Vineyard African-American Film Festival — and its fame is spreading.

Winner of HBO's Best Feature film category at the 2011 Martha's Vineyard African-American Film festival, the movie "Payin the Price" was written and filmed by New Jersey teenager, Jordan Coleman.