The ride was several miles long and I enjoyed cars honking loudly at every turn. When we arrived at the elegant Alamo Square Inn Bryan was waiting to escort me inside to the nuptials. The worst storm of the season was on its way and my roof was leaking profusely. I hurried upstairs to the second story flat in the azure painted duplex and walked down the long corridor to the living room. How often does a stranger enter your apartment with a request for help with a major repair? (Yes You Can.) Jumpstart Your Writing Career by Asking "Why?

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It was a good thing he took my hand, for as I exited the carriage, my knees collapsed from shaking so hard.

The day was spectacular marking a lifetime of love. By the time we met my biological clock had run out.

Over the years our relationship has evolved into a unique friendship, a cross between a peer and a sister.

December 7, 1986, dressed in an ivory colored Victorian gown, I was driven to our wedding in a horse drawn carriage. As I heard the clip-pity clop of the hoofs hitting the pavement I felt it was the happiest day of my life. )????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

I was scared because these feelings were coming so quickly.

Bryan moved in with me within weeks of our first meeting.

After my dear Aunt Letha died in 1992 I longed for a child. We had several birthmothers who changed their minds for different reasons.

This process took three years and a great deal of money.

We do have a unique relationship I guess one could say. He doesn't speak about our age difference, but I often wonder should I take this serious and pursue a relationship or is age going to be a problem. After all the "research" I've done on the internet about this, scouring advice columns and forums, like a dork-, your story was just what I needed to hear.