It is very difficult for single Christians to mention their sexual desires for fear of being thought unspiritual which however is not far from our minds.

Christian brothers and sisters adhere to what the bible says "For this is the will of God, even your sanctification (purity) that you should abstain from fornication 1 Thessalonians 4:3.

On the surface it might just look as it is but in God's eyes it is two souls binding together.

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The hope is that whether things work out or not each person is left undamaged".

However, most young men and women in our churches today, seem to do a modified version of the word "courtship" and the only modification is making sex the key factor to facilitate the courting process.

Again, I will urge all church institutions to organize Christian sex education for Christian singles because many do not understand the spiritual implications.

Written by Bernice Owusuwaa References: retrieved on the 19th September UB David & I'll B Jonathan,(1998 -2014), mailbox club international.

There are ups and downs that come up with courtship but these challenges spring up whenever two different people who had different upbringing and life experiences along with the natural differences meet.

This article will discuss some of the challenges that most young Christian men and women are facing in courtship. This is one of the greatest challenges most people especially Christians encounter during courtship.This poses my second question: are there any measures church leaders have set in place to discuss courtship into details to young people?Courting before marriage never comes up very easily especially for the Christian men and women.When Christian couple spend time alone and continue talking, it often leads to premature emotional attachments.If the courtship does not lead to marriage, one of them is psychologically, emotionally and physically wounded.There was near panic when some presenters of Adom FM admitted that they would rather take aphrodisiac for sex than disgrace themselves before a woman as a result of poor sexual performance.