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minecraft self updating version-7

It was a mis-alignment of plugin name and bukkit slug by the plugin being updated and not a fault by this plugin. But about your last comment where you said that it can download the wrong minecraft version plugin when running older versions.

To fix, unregister the plugin (via commands) from ultimate plugin updater, delete the plugin's .jar, download the correct plugin's and use commands to re-register it with UPU making sure the bukkit slug (bukkit page URL end part) is correct. Isn't that fixable by checking for the bukkit version and what minecraft version the new plugin is?

However the biggest issue is that it's the LATEST version, so of you use it on a 1.7.10 server, etc...

Then it will download maybe 1.8 plugins where available (unless you config it not to) and thus cause issues.

Please keep in mind that immediately after a Minecraft update, there usually isn't an updated Craft Bukkit or Spigot version available.

If you're looking to update a modpack (not Cauldron/MCPC ), check out this guide.

If a non direct link is given you'll be able to open the page where you can find the update, easy! I have a Patreon page where you can support me with a monthly donation.

When you've updated all your mods, a quick restart is needed to remove all old mods (it does that automatically too!

There isn't a lot to configure: Just the colour scheme and which plugins are registered.