For best result, the distance between the control unit box and your TV set should be within 20 ft.

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Lavalife has an extremely large member base internationally.

Because of its scope it may seem challenging to weed through the variety of users, but the many ways with which to search, browse and review profiles is extremely helpful in this matter.

If there is no power on the control box, it may be problem on the Power adapter or the control box.

You can test the power adapter to see if the adapter is functional first.

You could banter with an impressive number of the chics you reached.

But since the website was reconstructed, there are minimal women up for this sort of thing.

If you tap your finger on the rotation button and the red light does not flash on, it means the control rotation circuit has problem with the box.

You need to contact us to replace of the control box.

We heard that Lavalife was ok for mingling with women from the Toronto area at some point.

(In another life we believe) Instant messages were supposedly returned.

They are usually the same boring ones who are there every other day, you send smileys and they are not acknowledged, which makes us wonder if they are for real.