Kyosuke has short orange hair, brown eyes and he wears eyeglasses.

kyosuke hamao-24

Every pose he takes stands out with his coolness, and he has a habit of adjusting his eyeglasses whenever he poses.

He never shows it, but he really has a strong sense of justice.

In his individual ending, Kyosuke wants Hyo to change his ways and to make friends with other people.

This is also shown in the game's first ending where Kyosuke convinces his brother to make peace with everybody.

It is later revealed that Kyosuke was behind the kidnapping, working for his twin brother, Hyo Imawano.

Ultimately, Kyosuke changes allegiances, and helps Batsu and Hinata defeating Hyo, while convincing his brother that force was not the way to achieve their dreams.

The video recording team in certain girls' school made exclusive interview about various mysterious incident.

Yet,suddenly the reporter missed, just leaving a tape. See full summary ยป Director: Naoya Tashiro The Gokaiger get a message from Domon (Time Yellow) and must go back in time to save a temple that was mysteriously destroyed.

After the incident and his brother's death, Batsu and the others are talking about Kyosuke's disappearance. Published 5 November 2001; final update 7 December 2002.