Cat face paint is a perennial favorite for kids, whether it's for Halloween, a birthday party, or a festival. Simply add a tail and ears to the face paint, two things that children find very fun to wear—what's not to like?By "cat" in this article, we are referring to the house cat, not the larger members of the cat family such as lions, leopards, or tigers.After some experimentation, you'll be surprised at how easy it is to produce a cat face of good quality.

Including the wider orange lines on the outer edges of the face is also an interesting way of creating a tabby effect. Now, that doesn't mean there aren't other colors involved, as there are, as you can see in the photo above.

Again, you can see how simple and easy it is to design a cat face using a few simple lines and following a few rules for cat facial features. Because pink overwhelms any canvas on its own, be sure to add other colors like the white here to break it up.

As you will see in this article, they range from the simple to the somewhat complex.

It's easiest to look through a few photographs for inspiration; once you find one your children will like, you can modify it to fit their desires.

Those little teeth sticking out on both sides are also very cool.

Also notice the nicely designed cat mouth, which is easy to do.While all of those look fantastic, it's the domestic cat that is most beloved by children when it comes to face paint.Another strength of cat face paint is that it's one of the few patterns that appeals to both girls and boys.No matter what design you and your child choose, it's a great win for everyone involved.No one tires of cat face painting as a Halloween costume or at a festival—it's a classic!We'll start off with some easy designs for those less experienced at face painting.