But as Vivienne Chen points out in her article, this situation is also not entirely the fault of just white men stereotyping Asian females.

Chen states that there are plenty of Asian women who exclusively date non-Asians.

As for racism, she has learned to cope with questions of “Why don’t you just date a white guy?

” and had to stop asking people why she should do so because they would actually give her lists with reasons.

Aug 12, 2015 Photo: Matthew Moy in Two Broke Girls with Kat Dennings While this may be the 21st century, interracial relationships are still considered unusual, especially when it comes to Asian men dating non-Asian women.

This is in part because of two prevailing stereotypes facing Asians and dating, yellow fever and the Asian man as not sexy.

The top group for that year was whites and Hispanics at about 116,000 marriages.

Also interesting to note was the fact that the study found that black women were the least likely to intermarry with Asian men second.

She showed that it did not matter what others thought of her unusual pairing and still remains happy with Lowe.

Several other such couples have also written about their experiences stating that while they have to deal with stares and racist remarks from some, they are happy and try their best to dispel the stereotypes that come with their relationships while embracing the good aspects of interracial dating. As a white woman married to a Japanese man, she writes the blog Texan in Tokyo and describes what it is like for her and her husband, how it is important to respect each other’s culture and be a part of the AMWF community.

If they are seen all the time or at least more than they are now, the less “uncomfortable” people would probably be regarding them.