Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate.So I always get the `white guys in Canada are more open to dating black girls` line from my friends who live in the US, but I live here in Canada and I have to say that doesn`t seem to be the case.

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When you are attracted towards someone, you only appreciate the goodness in them and willingly set aside minor things you do not like of that person.

Inter racial dating is being accepted in most part of this world, but still there are disgruntled elements who have animosity towards Inter racial relationships.

No, but there are still some places which welcome Interracial couple with open arms without showing any inhibitions or hatred towards such relationships.

Most Bay areas are blessed with people having liberal mind.

Didn't care as I was more interested in her than where her ancestors grew up.

Having traveled all over the globe and having friends from all over it seems to matter very little these days & I would still be more than willing to date any lady regardless of either of our ancestry.

Is there some sort of cultural barrier prevalent here, that is absent in Ontario/Quebec?

Or am I just the one who never ever sees black girl-white guy couples in alberta? The majority of the black girls I know date white boys.

I can only think of two examples of black girls dating black guys over the past 25 years, but lots of them marrying white guys. I am a white blonde hair and blue eyed woman who dates black men and I live in Edmonton and we are always getting the "look" and I am sick of racial comments and opinions..and be free.and be 30 and I am 45...everyone has their bs for that as wel.. over the years I have come to the understanding, most that view me have a very small mind and circle of life.

I have spent most of my time in the Christian community, and perhaps it is more integrated there? I just accept that many people have no tolerance for these hot topics..time they focus on their own happiness just as I do with my "young black bf"^^up1^^ and.. I am proud of whom I am, my accomplishments, that's what counts. Absolutely, my ex wife was black, and is a preference of mine, and I have contacted many black and non white women here on pof, without so much as a reply from any of them.( unless they are not Canadian,then they are eager to marry me... ) So, it would make me wonder if just the opposite isn't true???? Everywhere I've lived in Alberta I have seen multiple interracial couples.

I have never met a single "black"woman in Edmonton, so maybe they think you are taken.