Examples of some of the general volunteering projects you may be involved in during your 3 week experience with us include English reading session for pre-schoolers, assisting with adult English classes, or helping out with sports activities and healthcare.

These small projects will be at local schools so you will be working with young children; no prior experience is needed so this program is suitable for people of all ages.

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This atoll, which is the third most southern in the Maldives, is the largest natural atoll in the world and is located just above the equator.

Hoadedhdhoo lies on the western edge of the atoll, around 8 miles north of the equator. Some activities included in the itinerary are beach volleyball and beach football, snorkelling and scuba diving, city tours and sightseeing, island hopping as well as cultural shows.

With incredible island locations which resemble paradise, volunteers will soon fall in love with the Maldives and if you love relaxing on white sandy beaches or exploring nature, this summer experience is an ideal career breaker or out of term volunteering program for you.

Learn new skills, meet great people and come and enjoy one of the world’s most coveted destinations.

Activities: Volunteer in Maldives Sunday – Snorkelling and/or Scuba Diving Monday – Group BBQ feast Tuesday – Surfing and/or wakeboarding Wednesday – Free Day – Participate in local sports activities Thursday – Special final night dinner!

Friday & Saturday will be left open to enjoy a final group activity based on the interests of the group.

If you want a way to give back to communities as you holiday, our summer volunteering program is the perfect mix of charitable work and leisure ‘“ the responsible way of travelling!

This particular summer volunteering program will take you to the incredible Huvadhoo Atolls of the Maldives, where you will be living close to the beach and will get a chance to enjoy tours of the islands with a range of organised cultural activities whilst also offering help to local schools and community centres.

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