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hidden camera in tajikistan-86

But the researchers also discovered that one of the cameras was missing.

The mystery was solved by photos showing that inquisitive and playful snow leopards cubs had been exploring their new toy: sniffing, gnawing and, finally, managing to rip out the device from its mount and running away.

Tajikistan was at the geographic centre of this rivalry.

At that time, as it is today, the country was at the heart of secret incursions and political intrigue. I enjoy reading books by authors who have travelled in little known regions, discovering and living with people with the aim of understanding them and their language.

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My original fascination with Tajikistan came from the Great Game.

At the end of the nineteenth century, Great Britain and Russia were both vying to control the inhospitable and unknown regions of Central Asia.

The images that I took were at first solitary, then they became a series, then later a body of work, interacting together to tell a story, opening up the potential of saying something and, above all, of being heard.