In Philadelphia, a group of gutsy, sharp-witted, wisecracking mothers (and one honorary dad) are raising kids with autism.From diagnosis (saying the A word) to leaving no treatment untried (avocado, really?

The problem with having Asperger’s is simply that he doesn’t know how to market himself.

He is a quality brand struggling with the economics of the dating marketplace.

Regardless of its origins, loneliness is usually a far more terrible affliction than any of the variables — internal or external to its victim — that may cause it.

Matthews may be dryly humorous about his predicament — if nothing else, he has the good sense to steer clear of whininess or self-pity — but his sadness is unmistakable.

As one character in the film puts it, “You can’t escape the playground.” Everyone spends at least some time in the sandbox, and in “Aspie Seeks Love,” you bear witness to one lonely man’s attempt to crawl out.

Liskula Cohen is a Canadian-born former model who has worked in New York, Paris, Milan, Tokyo, and Sydney, among other cities.

He doesn't process or express emotion the same way other kids do and often speaks in an unmodulated voice that is a little loud.

But just now Thomas was able to encapsulate the dust storm of feelings swirling around my arrival (Hey! ) by quoting a TV ad that mirrored it surprisingly well.

Most are mothers of autistic children who have connected through the Delaware County Family PDD/Autism Spectrum Support Listserv.

These women share the kind of visceral bond I've otherwise seen only in soldiers—they have each other's backs and fight to keep each other's spirits up in what is a daily, ongoing battle to integrate their different kids into the "typical" world.

) to loving and admiring what can't be "fixed," they're in it together.