Teddy invites most of the gang on his father's yacht for a day cruise to get to know everyone better. Teddy finds Adrianna and she tells him about landing the part but losing Navid. At the halloween party Teddy overhears Adrianna and Naomi talking about Silver's mother and learns about her condition.

Teddy finds Silver working at the school and tells her that he was once in her shoes.

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Shortly after news broke that Kenworthy had come out as gay, he received tweets of support from fellow skiers Tom Wallisch and Sage Kotsenburg, US Freeskiing, the US Olympic Committee and actor Chloe Moretz.

He wrote on Instagram last month: 'For most of my life I’ve been afraid to embrace that truth about myself.

Kenworthy wrote: 'Over the course of the evening, 3.3 million dollars were raised for HIV/AIDS awareness, prevention and treatment (more than $349 million has been raised since the foundations inception).

It was beautiful to witness so many influential people giving so generously to such a noble cause.'Kenworthy told ESPN the Magazine he called his father with the news he was quitting the sport after a difficult few months that included him not medalling at The X Games and the end of his relationship with his boyfriend.

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Everything's gonna change” He is a famous tennis player, whose career ended when he injured his knee.

When people find out I'm gay, that's all I'm gonna be.

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