You can load them with as much money as you'd like.But, a warning: read the fine print because they can "lose" money if you keep them too long.

Figis don't ask for your social security # if you apply online, but I applied online and got a letter saying they couldn't approve me for credit and I only tried to order one thing at a small price. If you have any problems or suggestions feel free to Contact Us.

that none of the  free dating sites I've checked out so far are reputable.

"Bill Me Later" is like an extended line of credit; they approve you, your account is charged and they send you a paper or email statement at the end of the month. Check out the stores "Bill Me Later" uses: (10/03/2008) By Jessica Figi's is a great gift catalog.

You are almost always given pre-approval for credit.

   You will see lots of chirpy anecdotal "evidence" in the form of  people praising certain websites as being real, genuine, and  reliable, but in digging deeper I've invariably found that none of  the people in question have done their due diligence, or have found  out enough to offer a balanced appraisal.

   Yes, a few people have got lucky on crooked dating sites and  have met real people, but understand what most dating sites are,  and how they're operated.

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(10/04/2008) By Cyinda LTD commodities does require a credit card and ABC distributing, Bill me later dot com checks your credit on the spot. Page generated on March 18, 2017 at AM on in 2 seconds.