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It's difficult to remember my life before Netflix, and frankly, I'd rather not.

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The Netflix experience is often marred by buffering delays, but even worse is the seemingly unanswerable question we face every time we hit the couch: What should I watch?

We at Thrillist have gone to absurd lengths to provide the definitive answer to that question, keeping obsessive tabs on the best shows and best movies on Netflix right now.

Even still, there's a wealth of resources out there dedicated to making Netflix even better.

Here are 15 tips, tricks, and "hacks" (for lack of a better word) that will improve your binge experience dramatically. If you want to instantly improve your bingeing, your first step is to download the Netflix Enhancement Suite, a browser-based smorgasbord of vital add-ons in one succinct (and free! From pop-up ratings via Metacritic and Rotten Tomatoes (so you can separate the cream from the crap) to IMDb profiles, plus trailers for basically every title, once you enhance, you'll wonder how you ever Netflixed without it.

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Don’t give out your address until you’re in an established, in-person relationship. If distance creates too great an obstacle to meet up in the near future, at least employ Skype to give you both a little face time. If anything sounds strange or unbelievable, ask questions. Beware of premature declarations of love or requests for sexy photos from your online crush.

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