Teenagers who signed the abstinence pledge belong to a subgroup of highly motivated virgins. Follow-up surveys show that at best, pledges delayed premarital sex by 18 months—a success by statistical standards but a disaster for Southern Baptist pastors.Evangelical teens today are much less sheltered than their parents were; they watch the same TV and listen to the same music as everyone else, which causes a "cultural collision," according to Regnerus.They tend to lose their virginity at a slightly younger age—16.3, compared with 16.7 for the other two faiths.

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But partly the problem lies in the temptation-rich life of an average American teenager.

The fate of the True Love Waits movement, which began with the Southern Baptist Convention in the '90s, is a perfect example.

But sex is one area where religion has a strong impact, at least on attitudes.

When academics do consider religion, they tend to make lazy assumptions that religious communities are inherently conservative, universally condemn sex, and encourage abstinence.

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Carissimi lettori,questo è il nuovo sito del Comune di Pago di Vallo di Lauro, realizzato per offrire ai cittadini uno strumento di informazione, di dialogo e di partecipazione attiva con il loro Comune, ma anche per promuovere il nostro territorio e le sue risorse.

But it could also double as a guide for teenage boys on the prowl (who's easier, a Catholic girl or a Jew?

) or for parents of teenage girls worrying about what will happen if their daughters keep skipping church.

Regnerus goes to some length to justify his unusual pairing of subjects.