I wish that somebody had taped our meetings about the paintings because they’re probably as funny as the actual episode.

Were any paintings too much for standards and practices?

I think the show took a big leap forward when we did that five-episode arc.

We had an episode in Season 2 where Josh runs for Boyfriend.

That episode and 301 were both written by Dan Mirk, who spent years at The Onion — so I think some of his satire experience went into our show.

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I hope we didn’t offend anybody — it’s such a bleak story.

In Season 1, Josh (Jay Baruchel) was mostly concerned about dating bridge trolls, alien sex goddesses… By Season 3, Josh has entered a committed relationship with Lucy (Katie Findlay) — but the ways he deals with commitment are no less absurd.

Simon Rich created the show based on his book “The Last Girlfriend on Earth.” Much of the first season’s absurd exploits, like dating the troll and his ex-girlfriend dating Hitler, come from the book.

We certainly play with some pretty dark tropes on our show, but sometimes it’s the only way to get across how emotionally dark a situation can feel. No fan mail from them so far, but I’ll keep checking. He had written it originally as offscreen dialogue.

It made us laugh, and he said, “Why don’t we just shoot the damn thing.” We said fine and we actually shot it.

Attempting that was a huge step in the right direction, and I think we learned a lot from it. Season 3 is a lot more redemptive, not to give too much away.