Types of weapon canes include stun canes, baseball bat canes and sword canes.

A woman is constantly on the go by attending different events and engaging in a wide range of different activities.

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Using poles of incorrect length may add stress to the walker's arms, hands, knees, hips and/or back, diminishing the benefits of walking with poles.

Nordic walking poles come in both one-piece, non-adjustable shaft versions, and telescoping two-piece twist-locking adjustable length versions.

Most models are also adjustable walking canes and are available in a variety of interesting patterns, making them a great gift idea for the cane user in your life.

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A reliable walking cane is an investment to your health and your safety.

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Most poles are made from lightweight aluminum, carbon fiber, or composite materials. However, there are shoes being marketed as designed for the sport, but comfortable walking, running or trail running shoes work great.