You may be late for work, but don’t forget the goodbye kiss. If you’re on your A game, the agreement about when you’ll speak or see each other again.

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The key thing to keep in mind is that you and your partner are the only people whose judgment counts.

If you treat this special date like a unique gift — one that's best unwrapped slowly, and with respect — it will remain a treasured mutual experience for years to come.

The quality of physical intimacy generally improves as your emotional connection grows.

So relax if this particular night doesn't rival previous first overnight experiences.

After the jump, a few things to keep in mind the morning after.

Again, I know the world isn’t all on the same page about morning business. But whether you are on Team Morning Sex or not, you must at least demonstrate some physical attraction in the morning. I take this especially seriously since dental hygiene is of the utmost importance to me.

That the charming, kind and sexy man who wooed and wowed the previous evening no longer exists. That means talking in complete sentences, answering questions as coherently as possible, a smile if you can manage it.

In his place is this naked, grunting cretin who makes you feel nothing more than the urge to wash your sheets.

Sharing a living space is also a preview of what's to come, and that kind of 24/7 togetherness makes it clear quickly if you're compatible or not.