Bringing up the holiday casually could be a good way to measure how the dude feels about it (and perhaps just how romantic-minded he is), as well as give you some insight into his past relationships or experiences (which is helpful).If you're really into him and would like to spend Valentine's Day together, you have to tell him so.

Here are some suggestions for asking a girl to prom in a creative way, but can also be used by girls to ask guys to dances or other dates as well.

If you're the one being asked, be sure to check out our creative ways to answer page too.

Thou shalt have no other dates before me, Thou shalt be ready at 7 pm on the 23rd of May, 1999, etc. Tape messages along the string such as, "I'm not just stringing you along.

(To answer this invitation, you could make a pan of Red Serenade under one of their windows. Keep going" until they reach the location where you left your answer. Go somewhere where you know they are dressed up like a bag lady, a polka king, Elvis, a hippie, a mother in her bathrobe and curlers with a lunch box, or some other embarrassing costume and ask them out like that in front of everyone.

Spell out the invitation using plastic knives and forks poked into your date's lawn. Use Alpha Bits Cereal or alphabet pasta to write out the invitation.

Deliver a tape with this message, "Your date, should you choose to accept it, will be with ________ at _________ time on ________(day).Maybe you're not that into V-Day and could care less or maybe he's not into it either, but his apprehension could be a sign that he'll never be ready to make you his Valentine. We've been guilty of believing that V-Day holds mystical powers that could transform even the most aloof of man into a rose-bearing Romeo — and we've learned the hard way that, no, it doesn't.If he's not your boyfriend, he doesn't HAVE to give you anything — not even a daisy he picked on the side of the road.Leave a piece of candy and a "good job" note at all but the last place. You can make the map look like a treasure map and write something on it like "Follow this map.Your Friday night may depend on it." [tips on making a treasure map] Put the invitation in an ice cube.Write your date information on small slips of paper (time, place, date, type of dress, etc.) then slip each one into a different balloon. "You will have fun time in near future" on one side and "will you go to the prom with me? Just get a small takeout box from a nearby Chinese restaurant and deliver it.