Chances are, after 18 days I’ll get caught up in a product launch or a trip to NYC or LA and forget about him entirely. Or, another scenario is that perhaps Billy hits it off with a match he gets the next day and ends up seriously dating, and takes a League Time Out to pursue that relationship. Rather than give myself CEO super powers and force match myself with Billy (although I’ve contemplated going about this route😜 ), I decided it was better to build something other users could benefit from too.

We did some analysis on the varying ‘heart queues’ for our users across LA, SF, and NYC.

One of the core issues with dating apps today is the activation energy required to get out of your comfort zone and spend 1-2 hours meeting someone new, which more often than not doesn’t pan out.

Our probability algorithm needed another variable to know that a user REALLY likes someone and is motivated to meet them in person. We designed a Power Move feature that allows us to identify someone who is serious about meeting in person.

This would serve as a signal that tells the other person you are interested in them (and more importantly, NOT a flake!

) and gives our users the ability to take more control of their dating lives and timing, just like they do with their professional lives. It shouldn’t be surprising that people on The League are attracted to those who go after what they want; that’s what ambition is. And yes, we know it’s been a while since our last city launch.

The Power Move allows you to pay a small fee to skip the waitlist of a profile you fancy, and be guaranteed to show up in their very next batch with a special indicator that shows you’ve made a power move. According to our studies, both women and men agree initiative is ‘sexy as hell’. But we weren’t sitting on our hands, let me tell you.

Now, the next time Billy logs in, the algorithm will give him 2 girls from his ‘hearted queue’ (ranked in order of probability of match occurring), and 2 users who have not yet seen Billy, but the algorithm predicts a high probability of eventual match.

We do this so that Billy doesn’t get overwhelmed with matches in one setting, which (we hope) means he will value each match he gets more.

Essentially all All Star Profiles had a waitlist, so the TTM (time-to-match) from initial heart to match date was MUCH longer than what would be ideal for a busy working professional that has one open night that week.

At a couple of our League Mixers in LA, SF, and NYC I talked to users and discovered that almost all of them had the same issues I do around timing, availability, and matching up with others that have a similar level of motivation (e.g.

Our goal with The League is to replicate that same feeling and create a community of passionate and driven people who, while they may be working towards wildly different goals, feel that instant connection.” – Amanda Bradford, Founder We’ll be slowly pulling people in off the waitlist over the next few weeks as we build out our brand new community.

We are prioritizing our next city roll-out based on user signups, so get your friends to register ( Tinder) so we can launch in your city next!

“My last two relationships were with people I met through college & work.