Many are fun, challenging circuit workouts and use very little equipment. ” workout options for when short or time or can’t make it to the gym!

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The actual bootcamp dates will begin about a month later. I have a cap on the number of personalized clients I work with, but the bootcamp is one overall plan so it can be any number of participants. Honestly you’re blog (love it-thank you btw) is what turned me on to her & her blog/Bootcamp! Any moves in the plan that do use gym equipment, I also offer at-home variations for every single one. Will I be able to have access to the bootcamp workouts even if I’m delayed a week? Every 2 weeks you will receive a new set of workouts.

Let me know of any other questions and I’m happy to help! As much as I would LOVE to be able to run still, I can’t after birthing 3 children – my bladder can’t handle. This will be my first boot camp – do I have to be in awesome shape to be able to participate? I want the workouts friendly for no matter where you train. I would suggest one lighter and one more moderate/heavier pair. The workouts have adaptations to make them more modified to a lighter or more challenging workout.

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While Best Body Bootcamp will no longer run on a regular basis with new workouts, I still wanted others to have access to these plans.

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