Why would Colin want to limit himself in that way when he has professed to wanting to “stretch his knowledge and ability in all directions” (I paraphrased that because I’m too lazy to look for the exact quote right now)?

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The post-“Merlin” era is an exciting time to look forward to…. That’s the fantastic thing about acting is all the different challenges it can provide you with.

To limit yourself just to one would be foolish, therefore I’m looking forward to different things that come my way.

He was born as the son of a professional athlete father and a housewife mother and has got a younger sister in his family.

At the age of 9, his family moved to settle in Jacksonville, Florida in the United States of America and thus he has got a dual nationality.

I saw myself reading things I would’ve never come across otherwise and learning so much about the darkness within the stories.

They go a lot deeper than we could ever dare to go on our time slot on the BBC.

I know it’s a show about magic and things like that, but at the heart of it, it’s just a story about people trying to be the people they’re supposed to be.

BJ: It was something discussed, but I think it’s time for me to hang up the chain mail, to be honest with you, and pass the mantle on to the next person who shall take on the throne of Arthur Pendragon.

KM: My last day on set was very emotional, I had Colin come in and do my last clapboard. We’re both Libras, and so I was able to look at the last day with a very balanced view, because at the same time as being a quite emotional time, there was quite a lot of work to do on the last day, and so you had to not let that get in the way….