In “Celebrity,” Paisley casts a harsh light in a humorous manner on what show business is like today — specifically, the explosion of reality shows, entitled behavior (throwing a fit when your latte isn’t spot-on), and run-of-the-mill Hollywood troubles like on-a-whim marriages and suing family members.

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If she really does look chubby in that dress, Paisley tells you what to do.

Or if the meal she spent all day cooking tastes more like a tire than a treat, you’d better not tell her that.

And it’s the kind that only the ever-charming Paisley can get away with.

After all, as the story goes, the narrator of the song gets a little jealous of his girl’s potential suitors, so he does a little dirty work to make sure he’s the only one for her.

Especially hilarious are the lyrics “ While ticks conjure shudders and disgusted faces from most people, to Paisley, they only represent opportunity — a chance to …

"Online" is a song co-written and performed by American country music artist Brad Paisley.It was released in July 2007 as the second single from the album 5th Gear.The single is Paisley's ninth overall Number One single on the Billboard Hot Country Songs charts, as well as his fifth consecutive Number One.Take a look at these lyrics: “ What would happen if the biggest movie star in the country met the most famous person in a tiny rural town, aka the most famous person in the country?Meet Paisley’s song “Famous People.” A country guy named Kurt has a thing for Ashley Judd, and the closest he’s been to Hollywood is Dollywood.As Paisley points out, she doesn’t want flowers or big expensive gifts, or even a getaway vacation.