Between the lobster and the beach you keep your Havana Club bottle close at all times, you visit the waterfalls close by. Cuban culture is so fucked up that as a westerner, I can't live there comfortable. Combine this with no internet access and no ability to withdraw funds from an ATM( not for Americans for sure) and it becomes not worth it anymore.

Then a bit after lunch Zeus has had enough of your contempt for walking in the gardens of Eden and sends down a hell of a storm to kick you out. You get back to the heart of La Habana Vieja (Old Town) and the streets are getting wet. So you decided to sit down at a random Bodega at have a mojito. Meanwhile the owner of the place introduces himself and the band. You are on to maybe your fifth mojito now, you learn a couple of moves with the girls, clap to the songs and feel and learn the essence of the cuban 3/2 time signature salsa.

The rain falls, the band starts playing and in Cuba you never close the door or the windows. You meet a local player, he can get you anything you need, maybe those Cohibas you dream about back home, or maybe some bailarinas.

Downside is to get the chicks in you usually have to pay or negotiate and some may not even allow the concept. Las Habanas The Havanese chick is slick, these are street girls and beware they know every trick in the book (on their book). You have to be a guy with posture, act with ease, you are a macho, you don't laugh to hard or pretend to be a beta just to please. Okey, you will offer her the chance to teach you, you honor her with that.

In Cuba sexual tension is everywhere, they start out young and never stop.

This beach does not have tourists, only cubanos and you can spend all afternoon in the water and even game some chicks.

Maybe you could even invite the chick you met last night to join you.Sex is part of everyday life so don't much importance to it.It will happen as it is something everyone enjoys and where everyone wins.Day game is stronger here I guess, but every Cubano is a pimp and will try to sell you their sister, cousin, mother and aunt if the grandmother is already dead.Sometimes they even try to sell you a girl they don't even know. When you are fed up with the Havana hassle, run away to the poor's paradise.This lobster comes to the balcony every night, where you can smoke a cigar, have a chat with José and share the neighbours' random parties every night. Of course for you José will get his friend, a doctor with a shitty taxi part time job to take you anywhere you want to go: The beach. Shoring is possible but not as easy as in SE Asia for example.