This site offers tons of forums that people can join, from dating topics to cooking tips.The forum feature is a great social networking tool and who knows, maybe the person giving you tips on how to make New York Style Cheesecake will be your next date!Our iconic city is the ultimate backdrop for romance: we boast the bright lights of Broadway, soaring heights of the Empire State Building, masterful brushstrokes of The Met, and echoing cracks of Yankee Stadium baseball bats.

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While the site claims to target singles looking for "love, romance, and even marriage," it's more on the "love and romance" side of that spectrum than e Harmony or

Be forewarned, Friend Finder is affiliated with two more provocative sites: Adult Friend Finder (geared towards "casual relationships") and Alt (geared towards "alternative" lifestyles).

I particularly like the "Stalker" function which allows you to see who has viewed your page and how many times. Whether you live in New York City or Lincoln, Nebraska you won't have a problem finding people.

Okcupid is a trendier dating site than most, even if you aren't looking for a potential mate; it is a great social networking site.

So you haven't had any luck finding love in New York City.

You've tried everything, coffee shops, bookstores, workplace romances, joining the local book club and even the local drinking holes, and nothing. This site allows you to make up your own quizzes for potential partners and promises that it has amazing accuracy if you are "honest and know what you want".

e I'm sure you've seen a commercial every night for this site or you know someone who is trying it out.

In a nutshell, you have to fill out a 400 question survey.

The lengthy survey then decides if you will be accepted on and if you are one of the chosen, it is then you pay the fees.