She isn’t your booty-call, not without her permission that is15. Just grow up or act your age (vague I know…reminds me of someone)17. Paying for dinner and opening doors aren't reserved for Gentlemen, they’re reserved for people with manners21.Don’t be an emotional terrorist and don’t play with her emotions22.It’s really ok to be slightly less good in bed than Casanova, but a basic of female anatomy is really a minimum26. If you are homosexual, don’t use her as your cover story28.

Just because you’re a loser and she likes you, doesn't make her desperate. Women are not that complicated, ok that’s a lie, they’re a puzzle (like a puzzle of Chubaka, very hard to solve), but you’re simple enough for the pair of you, so try to see things simply and quit acting like a penis.24.

Also just for good measure, try not to act like a ****25.

This allows you to make better choices and follow through with confidence.

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At this age girls almost formed an image of a men they are searching for.

They like to flirt, but if on of them starts flirting with you - it doesn't mean that she liked you very much. By following a few simple guidelines, online dating can open up a whole new world of dating.So next time you're sitting around, wondering if you will ever find your soul mate, consider a free online dating service.Do not give her mixed messages, try to be clear on your intentions from the off, she’ll respect you for it and it just avoids a lot of agro13. Don’t lie, women are very intuitive and can smell it a mile away, and your Pinocchio nose is invisible to all but to us.19.If you have been Two-timing, then know that you are scum14. You should read about me it’ll come in handy20.Probably she just wants to know you better and plays such a game. Girls don't like men who are writing very long letters too often, so if you want to be liked by a girl - don't fall to her legs because you will not be interesting to her soon.