Here are three funny stories from the Yahoo chat protocol.

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Cyberstalking is an Internet-related term that’s used to describe someone who’s stalking, threatening and/or harassing another person online.

Should you wish to dive further, see the function yahoo_process_auth_0x0b.

fish wrote a client for Yahoo chat, but the protocol was not public.

If someone is misbehaving you can double click the Camfrog Server icon in the notification area in the bottom right and right click on their name to kick them, then add them to your ban list under the "settings" menu.

To make your video chat room private for only users who know your password, go under the "Actions" menu and choose "Settings", then go to "Room Access" settings and set a password.

But this list might need to be updated dynamically, in case someone on the Internet managed to think up a new word for sex.

So rather than build the list into the client, they sent it to you from the server.

Inappropriate behavior is not allowed and inappropriate users will be kicked and banned from the video chat room." If you check the "User Agreement" check box in the "Message of the day" Camfrog users will have to click "yes" or "no" that they agree or do not agree with your "Message of the day" agreement.

An example agreement might say "Click "yes" if you agree to the rules above." The best way to administer your server is to connect to it with a Camfrog Video Chat client and view your users.

It is for the best, for the spam had spread everywhere.